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Saturday, December 03, 2016


Audio and video recording services are available both in the studio and for live events.  Special pricing is available for karaoke-style recordings and 1-person singer/songwriter acts.  10% discount for original music.  For a complete list of services and rates email us.

Studio Gear


  • Preamps: SSL (4), Rupert Neve Portico (2), Summit 2BA-221 (2), Focusrite ISA (8)
  • DIs: Radial JDI, J48, ProDI, ProDI Stereo, SGI, XAMP, Tech21 SansAMP Programmable, Ebtech 8-channel line-shifter 
  • Condensor Mics: Pearlman TM-1, AT 4050, (2) Shure SM81, ADK Hamburg, Rodes NT1a, (2) Audix ADX-51
  • Ribbon Mics:  (2) Cascade Fat Head's with Lyndahl transformers 
  • Dymanic Mics: Shure SM7b, Shure Beta 58A, Audix OM-7, OM-6, (3) OM-3s, SM57
  • Effects: Neve 8803, Safe Sound Dynamics Toolkit w/ Sowter trabsformers, Drawmer (Mercenary) 1968 tube compressor, Summitt 2BA-221 tube line amps (2)
  • Amps: Eden WT-400 (bass), Randall RM50 all-tube amp with Fender Blackface and Marhall Plexi preamps (guitar), G-K RB400, G-K 200MB, Fender Pro Junior, Epiphone Valve Junior, Univox 1051 (70's Quad 6L6GC), Twin Reverb, misc speakers from Fender, Music Man, Eden,...
  • Keys:  Roland FP-5 stage piano
  • Drums:  Pearl, Zildjian A-Custom cymbals, Roland V-Drums, TD-10 module w/ upgrades
  • AD Interface:  Lynx Aurora16, Lynx AES16
  • DA & Monitoring:  Lavry DA10 through HR824's
  • Cans:  Sony 7506, 7509
  • Computer: Intel Mac pro Tower, 2 dual core CPUs, 3GB, 5.0TB disk, 24 channel control surface
  • Software:  Cubase 6, Most Sonnox Plugs, Waves plug-ins (Gold, Neve, SSL, API, Maserati, Kramer...), Izotope RX, PSP plugs, Drumagog, Steven Slate Drum Samples, Melodyne, Amplitube, Amplitube SVT,... 
Studio Pics

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